Carnival Band of the Year Hall of Fame

Kinetic Mas (Peter Minshall) is Large Band of the Year for carnival 2020.

Band of the Year WinsBand LeaderYearBand Portrayal
10Wayne Berkley19731Secrets of the Sky
1989Hero Myth
1990Nineteen Ninety
1991Swan Lake
1993Strike up the Band
1998Amarant- the Secret Garden
7Brian MacFarlane2007India ó The Story of Boyie
2008Earth: Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope
2009Out of Africa: Africa-Her People, Her Glory, Her Tears
2010Resurrection: The Mas
2011Humanity Circle Of Life
2012Sanctification... In Search Of
2013Joy: The Finale
6George Bailey1957Back to Africa
1959Relics of Egypt
1960Ye Saga of Merry England
1961Yzantine Glory
1962Somewhere in New Guinea
1969Bright Africa
Peter Minshall1979Carnival of the Sea
1987Carnival Is Color
1996Song of the Earth
2020Mas Pieta
Harold Saldenah1955Imperial Rome
1956Norse Gods and Vikings
19582Holy War/the Atlantis
1964Mexico 1519 - 1521
1965 Pacific Paradise
1968El Dorado, City of Gold
5Edmund Hart1966Playing Cards
19833Mas Sweet Mas
1986Islands in the Sun
1988Out of this World
Stephen Lee Heung1967China, the Forbidden City
1975We Kind a People
1976Paradise Lost
1977Cosmic Aura
19833Rain Forest
2000Streets of Fire
20012001 - Now and Beyond
3Irvin McWilliams1971Wonders of Bucco Reef
1972Anancy Stories
1978Know Your Country
Raoul Garib1982The Sting
1984In the Market Place
1985Gulf of Paria
Ronnie and Caro2016Tears Of
2017Fearless 10
2018Life's a Checkered Board
Trini Revellers2004Arabian Nights
2005Conquest of the Indies
2006Rome, The Empire
2Neal & Massy Trinidad AllStars52014Sailors on Shore Leave at a Tropical Fiesta
2015Ships Ahoy At A French Festival
1Russell Charter1963Gulliver's Travels
Zodiac Associates1981Jungle Fever
The Lost Tribe2019Taj
  • 1 - Bobby Ammon co-captain of the band with Wayne Berkeley
  • 2 - Bobby Ammon co-captain of the band with Harold Saldenah
  • 3 - tied for band of the year (Edmund Hart & Stephen Lee Heung)
  • 4 - 2003 result is void due to a potest in the court.
  • 5 - First panside to win a Large Band of the Year title. note: Silver Stars was playing background music for Russell Charter who produce the winning band of the year wit Gulliverís Travels.
  • first year of the large band category was 1957; 62 large band of the year titles.

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