Calypso Monarchs Hall of Fame

Terri Lyons is the Calypso Monarch 2020 winner

Monarch WinsCalypsonianYearTune #1Tune #2
9Chalkdust (Dr. Hollis Liverpool)1976Three Blind MiceAh Put on Me Guns
1977Juba DubaiShango Vision
1981Ah Can't MakeThings That Worry Me
1989Chauffeur WantedCarnival is The Answer
1993Kaiso in de HospitalMisconceptions
2004Trinidad in the CemetaryFish Mongrel
2005AWhen I Vexed, I doh RhymeIn Town Too Long
2009My Heart and Ino second tune
2017Learn From Arithmeticno second tune
8The Mighty Sparrow (Dr. Slinger Francisco)1956Jean and Dinahno second tune
1960Ten to One is MurderMae Mae
1962Sparrow Come Back HomeFederation
1963Dan is the ManKennedy
1972Drunk and DisorderlyRope
1973School DaysSame Time, Same Place
1974We Pass That StageMiss Mary
1992Both of ThemSurvival
5Black Stalin (Dr. Leroy Calliste)1979Caribbean Man aka Caribbean UnityPlay One
1985Isms SchismsWaitDorothy
1987Mr. Pan MakerBurn Dem
1991Bright SideBlack Man Feeling to Party
1995In Times.Sundar Popo
4Cro Cro (Winston Rawlins)41988Three Bo RatsCommon Entrance Exam
1990Political DictionaryParty
1996Dey Look for DatSupport Commentary Calypso
2007Nobody Ainít Go Knowno second tune
Duke (Kelvin Pope)1968What is CalypsoSocial Bacchanal
1969Black is BeautifulOne Foot Visina
1970Brotherhood of ManSee Through
1971Mathematical FormulaMelvine & Yvonne
2Chucky (Robert Gordon)2014Wah Yuh ThinkWedding Of De Century
2015I BelieveThe Rose
Luta (Morel Peters)1,31994Good DrivingLicenced Firearm
2006Check The FoundationKaiso Kaiso
Singing Sandra (Sandra Des Vignes)21999Voices from the GhettoSong for Healing
2003For Whom the Bell TollsAncient Rhythm
The Mighty Spoiler (Theophilus Philip)1953Bed Bugno second tune
1955Pick Sense Out of Nonsenseno second tune
The Mighty Striker (Percy Oblington)1958Don't Blame the P.N.Mno second tune
1959Ban the Hoola HoopComparison
Sugar Aloes (Michael Osuna)2002ContributionJubilation
2008Reflectionsno second tune
1Lord Melody (Fitzroy Alexander)1954Second Springno second tune
Lord Pretender (Aldric Farrell)1957Que Sera Serano second tune
Dougla (Clatis Ali)1961Lazy ManSplit Me in Two
The Mighty Bomber (Clifton Ryan)1964Joan and JamesBomber's Dream
Sniper (Mervyn Hodge)1965Portrait of TrinidadMore Production
The Mighty Terror (Fitzgerald Henry)1966Pan JamboreeLast Year's Happiness
The Mighty Cypher aka Lord Cypher (Dillary Scott)1967Last ElectionsIf the Priest Could Play
Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts)1975Tribute to Spree SimonFever
Calypso Rose (Mcartha Sandy-Lewis)1978Her MajestyI Thank Thee
Lord Relator (Willard Harris)1980Food PricesTake a Rest
Scrunter (Irwin Reyes Johnson)1982Lick-e-ThingThe Will
Tobago Crusoe (Othneil Bacchus)1983Don't Cry NowSouth Africa
The Mighty Penguin (Sedley Joseph)1984We Living in JailSorf Man
David Rudder1986The HammerBahia Girl
Delamo (Franz Lambkin)1199431 Years OldTrinity is my Name
Gypsy (Winston Peters)1997Little Black BoyRhythm of the Nation
Mystic Prowler (Roy Lewis)1998Look Below The SurfaceVision of T&T in the Year 20
The Mighty Shadow (Winston Bailey)2000What's wrong with MeScratch meh Back
Denyse Plummer2001HeroesNah Leaving
Kurt Allen2010Too Brightno second tune
Karene Asche2011Careful What You Ask ForUncle Jack
Duane O'Connor2012The Hunt is OnLong Live Calypso
Pink Panther (Eric Taylor)2013Travel WoeCrying in the Chapel
Devon Seale2016Respect God's VoiceSpirit of Carnival
Helon Francis2017Changeno second tune
Ronaldo London2019Manís Imaginationno second tune
Terri Lyons52020ObeahMeghan My Dear
  • 1 - calypso monarch was a tied between Delamo and Luta.
  • 2 - Singing Sandra, the first female too win the Calypso Monarch twice.
  • 3 - Winner of the last Calypso Monarch to be held at the Queen's Park Savannah as it be demolish to make way for a new cultural center.
  • 4 - 2007 TUCO gone back to the 1 song format for the calypso monarch instead of 2
  • calypso monarch competion from 1954 to present; 67 calypso monarch titles.
  • For 2011 TUCO had 1 song for the prelims and semi-finals and 2 songs for the finals!
  • 5 - 2020 TUCO gone back too 2 songs for the finals!

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