Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force

Defence ForceLocationContact Number
Defence Force HeadquartersAirway Road
634-4013 (Tel1)
625-7502 (Tel2)
634-4554 (Tel3)
634-4463 (Tel4)
634-4532 (Tel5)
634-1574 (Fax)
Regimental HeadquartersCorner of Abercromby and Knox Streets
Port of Spain
627-2782 (Tel)
625-1642 (Fax)
Defense Force ReservesTucker Valley Main Road
634-1931 (Tel1)
634-1932 (Tel2)
634-4833 (Tel3)
634-1564 (Fax)
Support and Service BattalionTeteron Barracks
634-4772 (Tel1)
634-2126 (Tel2)
First Infantry BattalionCamp Ogden
Long Circular Rd
St James
628-1887 (Tel1)
628-1488 (Tel2)
628-2701 (Tel3)
Second Infantry BattalionHeliport
Western Main Road
First Engineering BattalionCumuto Barracks
667-8333 (Tel1)
667-8344 (Tel2)
Air GuardNorth Bank Road
Piarco International Airport
669-3877 (Tel)
669-7067 (Operations)
669-0884 (Fax)
Camp Signal HillTobago639-3443 (Tel)
  • outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868
  • defense force website is on the net, please see the "government" section on my tnt links page.

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