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Trinidad & Tobago mapTrinidad & Tobago map
Trinidad & Tobago
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Island Facts

Trinidad & Tobago Coat of Arms
"together we aspire, together we achieve"

Port of Spain, Trinidad
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Scarborough Tobago
Scarborough Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is known as:

  • land of the hummingbirds

  • land of the steelband and calypso

  • the birthplace of the limbo

  • home of the greatest festival on earth...Trinidad & Tobago Carnival
  • Trinidad....the main island

    Official Name
    Republic of Trinidad


    Citizen of Trinidad, Trinidadian(s)

    Official Language

    Total Population
    1.35 million

    Latitude 10 1/2N, Longitude 61 1/2 W

    Physical Area
    Measures 37 miles (80 km) by 50 miles (60 km)

    Total Area
    1864m2 (4828km2)

    Highest Point
    Along the Northern Coast Range 940m (3,085 feet)

    Tobago....the sister island

    Official Name
    Republic of Tobago


    Citizen of Tobago, Tobagonian(s)

    Official Language

    Total Population

    Latitude 11N, Longitude 60W

    Physical Area
    Measures 26 miles (42 km) by 7miles (10 km)

    Total Area
    116m2 (300km2)

    Highest Point
    Central Spine of Hills 549m (1,860 feet)

    Other Facts

    Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT$)

    Time Zone
    EST +1; GMT -4

    Ethnic Divisions
    The people are comprised of about forty percent African, forty percent East Indian, and the remainder being of European, Chinese, or mixed descent.

    The average temperature is about 30C (89F).

    is separated from Venezuela by the straits of the Gulf of Paria which is seven (7) miles (11km)

    is separated from Tobago by the Caribbean Sea which is twenty-one (21) miles (33km).

    National Idenity Section

    The list below art the National symbols of Trinidad and Tobago......
    click on the link to find out more about each special symbol that makes us unique.

    National Anthem

    National Flag

    Independence Pledge

    Coat of Arms

    National Birds

    National Flower

    Information on the National Symbols of Trinidad & Tobago
    courtesy of Alana Ochoa Trafford.

    Creole Section

    These are words, phrases and saying that are part of trini you know these words?

    Barrication - Barricade.
    Carbide The electropositive carbon compound used before batteries were available, to light house-lamps, bicycle headlights, hunter's searchlight.
    Fire Side - An outdoor cooking area made up of mud, clay and stones.
    Siparia First Peoples mission town. In 1795, the Capuchin priests, following a Pope Pious VI decree that declared La Divina Pastora (The Divine Shepherdess) the patron saint of all the Capuchin missions, a festival still celebrated to this day. It was also the place where the First Peoples developed the Tapia loam for plastering their ajoupas.
    T'ree Hole - a game of marbles involving three small holes hastily dug for that occasion. Sometimes played with raw cashew nuts.
    Zabico One of the many varieties of mango.
    courtesy Cote-Ci-Cote-La

    previous creole words

    Sports Section

    So which sport do you like to follow football, cricket, track and field...well test your sports trivia knowledge.

    Sports Section

    Island Scene Section

    Trinbaago picture of the month!

    One of many coves in Trinidad & Tobago courtesy of Calvin Antoine.

    One of many coves in Trinidad & Tobago courtesy of Calvin Antoine.

    Kids Site of the Month

    Every two/three thee will be a kids site of the month!

    Asa Wright Nature Centre

    Asa Wright Nature Centre

    Emergency Number

    Print your own emergency directory to hang up on the fridge or in your room to reach family or the local authorities in case of emergency

    Trinidad & Tobago
    TnT (PDF Format)

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    United Kingdom
    UK (PDF Format)

    note: Please ask a your parent or an older person to either print or download the form for you!!!

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    Past Survey

    Traditional Games

    A list and brief description of traditional games played in TnT.


    sports day

    Information tips/links for kids:

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