Lord Kitchener Championship Row


Kitch's Road March & Calypso Titles
Calypso Monarch1975"Tribute to Spree Simon" & "Fever"
Road March1946Jump In Line
1963The Road
1964Mama Dis Is Mas
1965My Pussin'
1967Sixty Seven
1968Miss Tourist
1971Mas In Madison Square Garden
1975Tribute to Spree Simon
1976Flag Woman

Kitchener's tunes which won Panorama
1964Pan Am North StarsMama Dis is Mas
1967Guiness Cavaliers"67"
1968Solo HarmonitesThe Wrecker
1969CIBC StarliftThe Bull
1970WITCO DesperadoesMargie
1971Solo Harmonites Play Mas
1972Solo HarmonitesSt. Thomas
1973Catelli All Stars Rainorama
1974Solo HarmonitesJericho
1975Maritime HattersTribute to Spree Simon
1976WITCO DesperadoesPan in Harmony
1977WITCO DesperadoesCrawford
1982Amoco RenegadesPan Explosion
1984Amoco RenegadesSweet Pan
1985Amoco RenegadesPan Night and Day
1985WITCO DesperadoesPan Night and Day
1990Amoco RenegadesIron Man
1993Amoco RenegadesMystery Band
1997Amoco RenegadesGuitar Pan

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