Trinidad & Tobago Conventional Panorama Hall of Fame (Large Category)

Desperadoes is panorama champs for carnival 2020.

Panorama TitlesPanorama BandYearTuneComposer/SingerArranger
12WITCO Desperadoes1966Obeah WeddingSlinger 'Mighty Sparrow' Francisco.Beverly Griffith
1970MargieAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsClive Bradley
1976Pan in HarmonyAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsClive Bradley
1977CrawfordAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsClive Bradley
1983RebeccaAustin 'Superblue' LyonClive Bradley
19852tPan Night and DayAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsRobert Greenidge
Clive Bradley
Beverly Griffith
1991Musical VolcanoLeston PaulRobert Greenidge
1994Fire Coming DownAustin 'Superblue' LyonsRobert Greenidge
1999In My HouseEmanuel 'Oba' SynetteClive Bradley
2000Picture on my WallEmanuel 'Oba' SynetteClive Bradley
2016Different MeAkil '5Star Akil' BorneoCarlton 'Zanda' Alexander
2020More SokahNailah BlackmanCarlton 'Zanda' Alexander
11BpTT Renegades
formely Amoco Renegades
1982Pan ExplosionAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsJit Samaroo
1984Sweet PanAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsJit Samaroo
19852tPan Night and DayAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsJit Samaroo
1989SomebodyBaronJit Samaroo
1990Iron ManAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsJit Samaroo
1993Mystery BandAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsJit Samaroo
1995Four Lara FourDe FostoJit Samaroo
1996Pan In a RageDe FostoJit Samaroo
1997Guitar PanAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsJit Samaroo
2018Year for LoverAaron "Voice" St. LouisDuvone Stewart
2019Hookin' MehDarryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry/Nadia Batson/E. George/S. Galt/M. HulsmeierDuvone Stewart
10Massy Trinidad All Stars
{formerly Catelli Trinidad All Stars and Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars}
1973RainoramaAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsRudy Wells
1980Woman on the BassScrunterLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
1981Unknown BandBlue BoyLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
1986The HammerDavid RudderLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
2002FirestormWinston 'The Original Defosto Himself' ScarborughLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
2007Pan LamentationWinston 'The Original Defosto Himself' ScarborughLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
2011It's ShowtimeAnslem DouglasLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
2012Play YuhselfEdwin 'Crazy' Ayoung/Clive TelemaqueLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
2015UnquestionableSheldon Reid/Clive TelemaqueLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
2017Full ExtremeUltimate Rejects featuring MX PrimeLeon 'Smooth' Edwards
7Phase II Pan Groove (in partnership with Hadco)
formerly Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove
1987This Feeling NiceBoogsie SharpeLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
1988Woman is BossDenyse PlummerLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2005Trini Gone WildColin LucasLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2006This One is for U BradleyRonnie McIntoshLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2008Musical VengeanceAnslem DouglasLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2013More LoveLeroy 'Black Stalin' Calliste/Len 'Boogsie' SharpeLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2014Jump HighDestra Garcia/Nigel Rojas/Len 'Boogsie' SharpeLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
4Exodus (Republic Bank)1992Savannah PartyDavid RudderPelham Goddard
2001A Happy SongRoger GeorgePelham Goddard
2003PandoraWinston 'The Original Defosto Himself' ScarborughPelham Goddard
20041War 2004Winston 'The Original Defosto Himself' ScarborughPelham Goddard
formely White Oak Harmonites & Solo Harmonites
1968The WreckerAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsEarl Rodney
19711tPlay MasAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsEarl Rodney
1972St. ThomasAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsEarl Rodney
1974JerichoAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsRupert Mark
3MTHL Starlift
formely CIBC Starlift{69 & 71} and Trinidad Tesoro Starlift {78}
1969The BullAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsRay Holman
19711tQueen of the BandsSlinger 'Mighty Sparrow' FranciscoRay Holman
1978Dudu YemiSlinger ' Mighty Sparrow' FranciscoHerschel Puckerin
Nutrien Silver Stars
formely PCS Silver Stars
20041Pure PartyEunice PetersEdwin Pouchet
2009First in de LineEunice PetersEdwin Pouchet
2010Battle ZoneAnslem Douglas/Edwin PouchetEdwin Pouchet
2Guiness Cavaliers1965MasFitzroy 'Lord Melody' AlexanderLennox 'Bobby' Mohammed
1967"67"Aldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsLennox 'Bobby' Mohammed
Pan Am North Stars1963Dan is the ManSlinger 'Mighty Sparrow' FranciscoTony Williams
1964Mama, Dis is MasAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsTony Williams
1Maritime Hatters1975Tribute to SpreeAldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsSteve Achaiba
Nutones1998High MasDavid RudderClive Bradley
Longdenville Claytones20041War 2004Winston 'The Original Defosto Himself' ScarborughRichard Gittens
  • The first panorama was held in 1963; 56 national panorama titles.
  • 1979 - No Panorama....panmen boycotted panorama due to appearance fees conflict with the CDC (Carnival Development Committee).
  • WITCO Desperadoes is the first band to win a record panorama titles.
  • 1 - 2004 panorama was broken into 3 categories large, medium and small bands; Exodus won the large bands category; Silver Stars won the medium bands category and Longdenville Claytones for the small bands category.
  • 1t - a panorama tie between Harmonites and Starlift in 1971
  • 2t - a panorama tie between Renegades and Desperadoes in 1985
  • Duvone Stewart ... clean sweep in winning the small, medium and large conventional bands panorama title in 2019.

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