TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: What year was Desperadoes Pan Theatre and Complex built?

#2: What school won the National Junior Panorama with a hat-trick from 2011-2013?

#3: In 1940's Kentuckians Steel Orchestra from Success Village, Laventille was later renamed to what panside?

#4: What female pioneer was the first female panist to have accompanied a calypsonian for a Dimanche Gras performance. (Hint: Brother Mudada - Alan Fortune with a tune called 'Good Time Pioneer')

#5 What is the maximum time allotted to a single pan band to perform their tune of choice during the judging of the preliminaries to the finals of the panorama?

#6: What primary school won the 2019 NGC San Fest Pan Jamboree (Dedicated to Shadow)?

#7: What was the former name of Dixieland which was founded by Curtis Pierre?

#8: What year was St. James Tripolians founded?

#9 What was the first panside Pelham Goddard arrange for?

#10: In 2004, Mark Loquan form a band called Pandemix in what Australian city?

#11 What panside was once called Marabuntas?

#12: In 2010, what popular tune did Steel Xplosion win panorama with in the medium category?

#13: What Tobago panside won five national titles, a national tune of choice in 1967 and Pan in the 21st century in 2004 and 2008?

#14 What year was Desperadoes Pan Theatre and Complex built?

#15 From 1953 to 1954 what pan was developed (born) in Williams Street, Laventille?

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