TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: In panorama judging how many points are allocated in arrangement?

#2: Besides Supernovas what small conventional band does First Citizens sponsor in Tobago?

#3: In 1965 this panside was rename to Esso Trinidad Steel Band, hat was the panside name before that which began in 1942?

#4: The Family band ‘The Samaroos Kids’ lead by Jit Samaroo made there debut in what year?

#5 Kendell Bowen arranges for what Arima panside?

#6: What junior band (panside) played Kevan Calliste’s arrangement of Mash Up by Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart for 2023 panorama?

#7: For the Panorama 2023 season, Vanessa Headley made history by being the first Trinidadian female arranger to arrange for a Tobago band. What is the name of the panside?

#8: Pan Trinbago was formally incorporated by an act of Parliament in what year?

#9 Legendary pannist Robert Greenidge credit what pan inventor with the idea to extend the range of the double seconds to get lower notes, hence the invention of triple double seconds?

#10: In Single-Pan Competition, these 2 Eastern bands had a total point differential of 0.5 points between them for the finals? What band won the 2005 Panorama Finals?

#11: What past president of Pan Trinbago/National Steelband Association introduce Pan in the 21st Century and Pan Down Memory Lane Competition?

#12: In 1956, panmen from the Nightingale, Saigon, and Invaders steelbands came together to form what Woodbrook panside?

#13: Pan Month has been celebrated since what year when the late, former Prime Minister Patrick Manning declared pan as TT’s national instrument?

#14 What female pan aficionado is known as 'The First Lady of Pan'?

#15 What was the name of the defunct panside who headquarters were at Boogsie’s (Len Sharpe) parents house?

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