tenor panstenor pans Trinidad & Tobago Panyards

Trinidad Panyards

Total Trinidad Bands: 230
BandLocationZonal RegionBand Type
All Aces SymphonyHutton Road, St AnnsNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Antillean All Stars8 - 10 Carib Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Arima AllstarsMalabar Road, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Arima Angel HarpsEastern Main Road & Olton Trace, ArimaEastConventional
Arima Golden SymphonyPriority Bus Route Mall, ArimaEastConventional
ArmaritesDon Miguel Street & Extension Road, El SocorroEastConventional
ArnarisChin Chin Road, CunupiaSouth/CentralConventional
B MinorLP #188, 12 Woods Avenue, Laventille Ext. Road, MorvantNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Bar 2257 St Ann's Main Road, St. Ann'sNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Belmont 5th Dimension14 Upper St. Francois Valley Road, BelmontNorthConventional
Belmont City Kids InternationalBelmont Community Centre, Jerningham Avenue, BelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Belmont HarmonicBelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Belmont Hi-LarksBelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
BirdsongSapodilla & Vincent Steets, St. AugustineEastConventional
Blue Diamonds34-41 Geroge Street, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Bon Air Rhythm RockersBlue Mussel Street, Bon Air West, AroucaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
BoystownCumana, CarenageNorthConventional
BPTT Renegades138 Charlotte Street, Port of SpainNorthConventional
BrimblersTragarete Road, WoodbrookNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Brazil RX4Talparo Main Road, Brazil Village, BrazilEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Caribbean Music28th & 4th Street, BaratariaEastConventional
Caribbean ParadiseChinapoo Basketball Court, Morvant, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Casablanca31 Belmont Circular Road, BelmontNorthConventional
Chord MastersLaventille Road, Febeau Village, San JuanEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
City Sun Valley GrooveNelson Street, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Cocorite Road Pan GrooversBellamy Street, Cocorite Road, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Cocorite West WindOpp. #7 Building, Waterhole, CocoriteNorthConventional
Codrington Pan FamilyPort of SpainNorthConventional
Courts Sound Specialists of LaventilleEastern Quarry, LaventilleNorthConventional
Crazy Golden EaglesGeorge Street Community Centre, George Street, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
CrescendoesOld Southern Main Road, ChaguanasSouth/CentralConventional
Crescendoes Musical50 Jerningham Avenue, BelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Curepe PolyphonicsJackson & Agostini Streets, CurepeEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Curepe ScherzandoEvans Street, CurepeEastConventional
D' Original Woodbrook ModernairesFrench Street & 71 Tragarete Road, WoodbrookNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
D' Untouchables Pan Groove205 Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
East PhonicsMoonan Road, Wallerfield, ArimaEastConventional
Edinburgh 500 Steel EnsembleLapwing Crescent, Edinburgh 500, ChaguanasdSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Evangeltones49th Street & Cecelia Road, El Dorado, TunapunaEastConventional
Faith Revival11 Eastern Main Road, TunapunaEastConventional
Fascinators Pan Symphony1 Lammie Street, El Dorado, TunapunaEastConventional
FC SuperNovasSurrey Village, Lopinot Road, AroucaEastConventional
Five Rivers Modern SymphonyRange Road, Five Rivers, AroucaEastConventional
Flabej Now Ensemble#15 Pembrook Street, Port of SpainNorthConventional
FlamingoesSt. Johns Road, St. John, St. AugustineEastConventional
Free Lancers Pan GrooveDuncan & Prince Streets, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
FUSDAT346 Street, Fanny Village, Point FortinSouth/CentralConventional
Fusion Steel Ensemble7 Frederick Street, MarabellaSouth/CentralConventional
Fyzabad 4th Dimension291 Guapo Road, FyzabadSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Genesis Pan GrooveLP 38, Evans Street, CurepeEastConventional
Glory TonesEastern Pan School, Eastern Main Road, AroucaEastConventional
Golden Hands#134 Independence Avenue, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Gonzales SheikersBasketball Court, GonzalesNorthConventional
Gospel Groove Pan Heights10 Avocado Drive, Santa Rosa HeightsEastConventional
Harlem Syncopaters63 Quarry Street, East Dry River, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
HarmonitesChuchill Rosevelt Highway, Morvant Junction, MorvantEastConventional
Harvard Harps#106 Tragarete Road, St. ClairNorthConventional
HighlarksBelle's Cafe, 79 Belmont Ciruclar Road, BelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Highlighters247 Bonne Aventure Road, GasparilloSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
HighlandersEastern Main Road & Williams Street, Success Village, LaventilleNorthConventional
Hillside SymphonyUpper Hillside Street & Carib Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Humming Birds Pan Groove13 Fort George Road, St. JamesNorthConventional
Hycupp Ensemble224 Eastern Main Road
Ice Water Ensemble#1 Bagatelle Road, Greenhill, Diego MartinNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
In FocusStarlift Drive & Western Main Road, St. JamesNorthConventional
Is WePicton & Nelson Streets, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Jadap2 - 4 Victoria Avenue, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Jah RootsWarden Road, Point FortinSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Jay NotesWalke Street, Sangre GrandeEastConventional
King's Row Retro RiddumCarib Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Klondikes Pan SoundsMacoya Settlement, Macoya Road, TunapunaEastConventional
Kool25 - 27 Bonares Street, St. JamesNorthConventional
La Creole Pan GrooveLa Pureta Avenue, Deigo MartinNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
La Famille United Steel Orchestra48 Cascade Road, Cascade, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
La Horqueta Pan GrooveNeville Jules Crescent, Phase 5, La Horquetta, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
La Romain Supervibes Pan MovementSouthern Main Road, La RomainSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Laventille Pan StrummersLovel & Tibury Place, East Dry River, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Laventille PasphonicsUpper Pashley Street, LaventilleNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Laventille SerenadersSt. Barbs & Laventille Roads, LaventilleNorthConventional
Lincoln Express68 Ariapita Avenue, WoodbrookNorthConventional
Longdenville ClaytonesDepot Road & Longdenville, ChaguanasSouth/CentralConventional
Magic Notes RebirthJai Ramkissoon Lands, Brazil Village, BrazilEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Maraval Blanca '47Saddle Road, MaravalNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
MarsicansMausia Street, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Massy Trinidad All Stars46-48 Duke Street, Port of SpainNorthConventional
MelodiansBellamy Street & Cocorite Road, ArimaEastConventional
Merrytones#1 Bagatelle Road, Greenhill, Deigo MartinNorthConventional
MHTL Starlift1 Christopher Samuel Drive, MucurapoNorthConventional
MoodsSaldenah Terrace, Southern Main Road, CurepeEastConventional
Morvant EbonitesDon Santos Street, MorvantNorthConventional
MotownNavet Road, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Mount Moriah Pan Movement17 Purcell Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Music Makers Steel SymphonyJadoo Trace, Mon Repos, San FernandoNorthConventional
Musical GemsForeshore Lands, CocoriteNorthConventional
Nayal Hill S.O.M.#27 Layan Hill, BelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
New Age TrendsettersFrancois Street, Enterprise Village, ChaguanasSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
New CreationGonzales Village, Guapo, Point FortinSouth/CentralConventional
New WaveDotton Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
New World SymphonyEl Dorado Village, TunapunaEastConventional
Newtown Playboys Steel SymphonyTragarete Road, NewtownNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
NGC Couva JoylandersRailway Road, CouvaSouth/CentralConventional
NGC La Brea NightingalesTanti Park, Pt. D'or, La BreaSouth/CentralConventional
NLCB FonclaireDottin Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
NLCB Valley HarpsMorne Coco Road, Petit ValleyNorthConventional
Nocturne Fascinators1 Lammie Street, El Dorado Village, TunapunaEastConventional
North Eastern All Stars6 Nexar Avenue, Sangre GrandeEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Northolus19 Stella Street, CurepeEastConventional
Nostrand SymphonyR.A.F.A., Queen's Park East, Port of SpainNorthConventional
NSA VibrationsStarlift Drive & Western Main Road, St. JamesNorthConventional
Nu Pioneers Pan GrooveSanchez Street, Mausica Lands, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Nu Tones6 Coryat Lane, ArimaEastConventional
Nuttin Big Pan Groove1 Roots Lane, Upper Morne Coco Road, Petit ValleyNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Old Tech Steel OrchestraFarah Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
OzoneOrtoire Village, MayaroSouth/CentralConventional
Pamberi11A Santa Cruz Old Road, San JuanEastConventional
Pan Elders18A Carib Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Pan ElitesArima Tennis Club, Railway Road, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Pan FamilyBath Street, East Dry River, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Pan Glow8A San Fernando Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Pan JammersCantaro Village, Santa Cruz Extension Road & Sam Boucaud Road, Upper Santa CruzEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Pan on the MoveUpper De Gannes Street, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Pan Professionals20 Haig Street & St. Clair, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Pan Revival SteelBynoe Trace, Enterprise, ChaguanasCentralConventional
Pan StereonettesJacob Hill, Wallerfield, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Pan TrinityAlbert Street, AroucaEastConventional
Pan VibesSt. Francois Valley Road, BelmontNorthConventional
Pan Vision19 Marli Street, New Town, Port of SpainNorthConventional
PanacticsWater Wheel Compound, River Estate, Deigo MartinNorthConventional
Panasonic Connection10 Macon Street, Victoria Village, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Panazz Players14 Trinidad Crescent & Federation Park, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Pandemonium3 Norfolk Street, BelmontNorthConventional
PandigenousSWWTU & Wrightson Road, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Pantastic SoundsOld Southern Main Road, CurepeEastConventional
Parry's Pan School149 Eastern Main Road, TacariguaEastConventional
PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars56 Tragarete Road, WoodbrookNorthConventional
Petrotrin Hatters100 Lady Hales Avenue
San Fernando
Petrotrin Siparia DeltonesRailway Road, SipariaSouth/CentralConventional
Phase II Pan Groove (In partnership with Hadco)15 Hamilton Street Street, WoodbrookNorthConventional
Philadelphians Funkadelic Steel Orchestra258 Quarry Road, Morne DiabloSouth/CentralConventional
PhoenixWITCO Compound & Mount D'or Road, Champ FleursEastConventional
Plain PhonicsRich Plain Road, Deigo MartinNorthConventional
Platinum Steel Orchestra (All Women Side)Malick, BaratariaEastConventional
Players SymphonyUpper Davis Street, BelmontNorthConventional
Pleasantville Kalomo Kings116 Pleasantville Avenue
Pleasantville, San Fernando
Point Fortin UnitedPoint FortinSouth/CentralConventional
Potential SymphonyUpper 6th Avenue, Malick, BaratariaEastConventional
Power Boat Scorpion Pan GrooveHaig Street, CarenageNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Power StarsJeffers & 114 Western Main Roads, St. JamesNorthConventional
Praise Pannist1 Sukhram Road & Ojoe Road, Sangre GrandeEastConventional
Redemption Pan Groove16 Ryan Extension Road, San JuanEastConventional
RegionSouthern Main Road, Enterprise, ChaguanasSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Republic Bank ExodusSt. Johns Village, Eastern Main Road & John Road, St. AugustineEastConventional
Rhythm and BluesCaura Royal Road, El Dorado Village, TacariguaEastConventional
Rhythm RockersSanchez Street Extension, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Rio Claro KoskerosRailway Road, Rio ClaroSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
RIPE (Revelation Institute for Performing Education)c/o Tunapuna Boys RC, Picton Street, TunapunaEastConventional
RoadblockGreen Acres Road, Trou Macaque, LaventilleNorthConventional
Samaroo JetsSurrey Village, Lopinot Road, AroucaEastConventional
San City SteelCarib Street Complex, Carib Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
San Juan All Stars20 Saddle Road, San JuanEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
San Juan East Side Symphony6 First Street, San JuanEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Sangre Grande Cordettes40 Foster Road, Sangre GrandeEastConventional
Scorpion Pan Reflections#23 Haig Street, CarenageNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Scrunters Pan Groove10 Jeffers Lane, St. JamesNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Sea Lots, Port of Spain One Love#21A Beetham Highway, Sea Lots, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Self Help MarinesEgypt Village, Point FortinSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
SforzataEvans & Harris Streets, CurepeEastConventional
Shades in SteelPoint-A-Pierre Road, VistabellaSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Shell InvadersQueen's Park Oval, Car Park, WoodbrookNorthConventional
Silver HarpsSalzar Trace, Point FortinSouth/CentralConventional
Simple Song42 Pinto Road, ArimaEastConventional
Siparia Pan PatriotsSipariaSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
SkiffleCoffee Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
Solo Pan Knights157 Eastern Main Road, BaratariaEastConventional
Sound Of Music71 Marigold Crescent, Coconut Drive, MorvantEastConventional
Southern All StarsClaxton Bay Secondary School, Claxton BaySouth/CentralConventional
Southern Marine Steelband FoundationSouthern Main Road, MarabellaSouth/CentralConventional
Spree Simon HarmonicsLP #1, Picton Street & Eastern Main Road, LaventilleNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
St. Anns AllstarsSymond Valley Road, St. Ann'sNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
St. James North Stars63 Bombay Street, St. JamesNorthConventional
St. James Tripolians38C Western Main Road & Fort George Link Road, St. JamesNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
St. James United22 Ramjit Street, St. JamesNorthConventional
St. Margarets SuperstarsSt. Margaret's Lane, BelmontNorthConventional
St. Stephens Anglican Hall StarsHigh Street, Princess TownSouth/CentralConventional
St. Thomas Silver Stars554 Maloney Gardens Blvd., Maloney Gardens, D'AbadieEastConventional
Star SaffireEastern Main Road, ValenciaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
StardustPoint Cumuna Government School, Fitzallen Street, Point CumanaNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Starlite Pioneers Pan Movement1222 Phase 1, La Horquetta, ArimaEastConventional
Street Pan GemEnterprise Street via Longdonville, ChaguanasSouth/CentralConventional
Stryke Stars14 Piccadily Street, Success Village, Laventille, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Sun ValleyNew Lands, Trinto Office, Point FortinSouth/CentralConventional
Sun ValleyTeesdale Road via Mandingo Road, Princess TownSouth/CentralConventional
Super SonicsSt. Francois & Serraneau Road, BelmontNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
SurvivorsGabriel Street, BicheEastConventional
SWAVICJamadar Street, San FernandoSouth/CentralConventional
T&Tec Tropical Angel HarpsSouthern Main Road, Enterprise Village, ChaguanasSouth/CentralConventional
Tamana PioneersCumuto Main Road, Four Roads, TamanaEastConventional
Testing H2OTesting Station, Farm RoadEastConventional
Third WorldGeorge Cabral Circular Road, St. JamesNorthConventional
Tiger Tanks Fyzabad 4th DimensionKhan Trace, FyzabadSouth/CentralSingle Pan (Traditional)
Tipica#6 Macoya Settlement, Macoya, TunapunaEastConventional
TocouprisingPower Street, TocoEastConventional
Todd Road Rhythem Raiders94 Main Road, Todd RoadSouth/CentralConventional
Tokyo2 Plaisance Road, East Dry River, Port of SpainNorthConventional
TornadoesRichardson Street, Point FortinSouth/CentralConventional
Tremolandos Steel OrchestraTamana Hill Road, Coryal, Sangre GrandeEastConventional
Trinidad East Side Symphony10th Street, Malick, BaratariaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Trinidad NostalgicDe Gannes Street, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Trinidad Pan ConnoisseursPort of SpainNorthConventional
Trinidad Pan Jewels49 Moonan Road, Wallerfield, ArimaEastConventional
Trinidad Valley Harps#32 Sunrees Road, Charlo Village, PenalSouth/CentralConventional
Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Steel BandMail Road, Tucker Valley, Macqueripe, ChaguaramasNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service Steel OrchestradFire Service Station Headquarters, Wrightson Road, Port of SpainNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Trinidad & Tobago Music StarsChinapoo Community Centre, Morvant, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Trinidad & Tobago Police Service EnsemblePolice Barracks, St. JamesNorthConventional
Trinidad & Tobago Prison ServicePrison Sports Club Facility, Waterloo Ext. Road, Golden Grove, AroucaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Tunapuna All StarsPiority Bus Route, TunapunaEastConventional
Tunapuna TipicaOld Health Centre, El Dorado, TunapunaEastConventional
UFO SoundsCalvary Hill, ArimaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Uni-StarsOld St. Joseph Road, Bertie Marshall Boulevard, Success Village, LaventilleNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
United SoundsLa Retreat Road, Wallerfield, AroucaEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
Voices166 Royal Road, Maracas, St. JosephEastSingle Pan (Traditional)
West StarsDiego Martin Cottage, Diego MartinNorthConventional
White Oak HarmonicsChurchill Rosevlt Higway & Morvant, Port of Spain Junction, BaratariaEastConventional
Windside Sound GrooveSynand Valley Road, St. JamesNorthConventional
WITCO DesperadoesUpper Laventille Road, East Dry River, Port of SpainNorthConventional
Frederick Street (Panorama), Port of SpainNorthConventional
Woodbrook Playboyz6 Blackman Drive (Lions Civic Centre), WoodbrookNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
World Wide Steel OrchestraMt. Hololo Road, Casacde, St. Ann'sNorthSingle Pan (Traditional)
Xpress 21#80 Old St. Joseph Road, Success Village, LaventilleNorthConventional

Tobago Panyards

Total Tobago Bands: 33
Alpha Pan PioneersHay & Bacolet Streets, ScarboroughConventional
C & B Crown CordaansMilford Road, CanaanConventional
Carib DixielandPan Theatre, Buccoo Road, Mt PleasantConventional
Central Symphony SteelbandGovernment House Road, ScarboroughConventional
Chord Masters Single Pan (Traditional)
Dem BoysMason HallConventional
East StarsCharlottevilleSingle Pan (Traditional)
Euphonic SoundsTobago Marketing Co., Wilson RoadConventional
Get Down On It Conventional
GMCGolden LaneSingle Pan (Traditional)
Hope Pan GrooveHope VillageSingle Pan (Traditional)
Melo HarpsMain Road, Bethel VillageConventional
Melo TonesLes CoteauxConventional
Metro StarsPembroke Community Centre Grounds, PembrokeSingle Pan (Traditional)
Natural MysticPatience Hill Government Primary School GroundsSingle Pan (Traditional)
New AdditionBuccooConventional
NLCB BuccooneersPan Theatre, Chance Street, BuccooC
Our BoysKirk & Fort Streets, ScarboroughConventional
Pan FanaticsPunch Bowl, Mason HallSingle Pan (Traditional)
Petrotrin KatzenjammersCourland Estate, Black RockConventional
Plymouth Wonder HarpsPlymouthSingle Pan (Traditional)
RBC/RBTT Redemption Sound SettlersMontgomery Road, BethelConventional
Rhythm TigersFourth Street, ScarboroughSingle Pan (Traditional)
Scarborough All StarsWilson Road, ScarboroughConventional
Serenaders Single Pan (Traditional)
Soul 22 Single Pan (Traditional)
Steel SensationsLucy Vale, SpeysideConventional
Steel Xplosion OrchestraBower Road, CarnbeeConventional
SymphonettesSherwood Park, CarnbeeConventional
T&Tec New East Side New DimesnsionWinward Main Road, Zion Hill, Belle GardenConventional
Tobago Pan-ThersSea View Trace, Golden LaneSingle Pan (Traditional)
Uptown FascinatorsIdle Wild & Plymouth Roads, ScarboroughConventional
West Side SymphonyPan Theatre, Patience HillConventional

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