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TT Music Festival Association’s 32nd Biennial Music Festival 2018
Mon. Feb. 19th9 am
JR-C8 Primary Folk Song Choir: 20+
JR-E6 Piano Duet (13-15)
JR-B2 Boy’s Vocal Duet (13-15)
JR-E9 Jr Guitar Ensemble (U20)

1.30 pm
JR-B3 Boy’s Vocal Duet (16-19) P
JR-A1 Girl’s Vocal Solo (16-19) P
JR-A1 Boy’s Vocal Solo (8-10) P
JR-B6 Girl’s Vocal Duet (13-15)

8 pm
OP-A13 Veteran’s Solo
OP-C10 Contemporary Religious Music Choir: 20+
OP-A4 Tenor Solo
OP-B6 Ladies Vocal Quartet
OP-D4 Piano Recital
Tue. Feb. 20th9 am: No session

1.30 pm
JR-B5 Vocal Duet (u13) P
JR-C3 School Choirs Girls (U16)
JR-A10 Folk Song Solo *u20)
JR-B1 Boy’s Treble Duet (10-12)

8 pm
OP-B1 Ladies Vocal Duet
OP-E 3 Chamber Music Duet/Trio
OP-A9 Contemporary Religious Solo (Ladies)
OP-A6 Bass Solo
OP-C14 Calypso Chorale (w choreography)
Wed. Feb. 21st9 am
JR-C1 Primary School Choir P
JR-D10 Recorder Solo (16-19)
Jr-D16 Steel Pan Solo (13-15) P

1.30 pm - No session

8 pm
OP-A11 Negro Spiritual Solo
OP-E0 Woodwind Ensemble
OP-D6 Guitar Solo
OP-A- Soprano Solo
OP-B10 Family Ensemble
OP-C2 Mixed Voice Choir 20.
Thu. Feb. 22nd9 am
JR-E7 Jr Pan Ensemble (U20)
JR-E12 African Drumming (U20)
JR-E4 Prim Sch Recorder Ens

1.30 pm
JR-C15 Junior Choirs: Upper (U20)
JR-D12 Woodwind Solo (16-19)
JR-C9 Secondary School Folk Song Choir: 20- (U16)
JR-D7 Guitar Solo (16-19)
JR-E8 Jr String Ensemble (U20)

8 pm : No session
Fri. Feb. 23rd9am
JR-A5 Girl’s Voice Solo (8-10)
JR-A11 Rapso (16-19)
JR-D2 Piano Solo (13-15)

1.30 pm
JR-E11 Tassa Drumming
JR-C11 Secondary School Song Choirs: 20- (16-19)
JR-D9 Recorder Solo (13-15)
JR-D1 Piano Solo (U13)P

8 pm
OP-A12 Vocal Recital
OP-D5 String Solo
OP-C13 Calypso Chorale (choreography)
OP-C6 Male Voice Choirs
OP-E2 Lieder

SOUTH Schedule
9 am
A3 Boys Vocal Solo (13 - 15 yrs)
A7 Girls Vocal Solo (13 - 15 yrs)
E5 Primary School Instrumental Ensemble
C12 Secondary School Folk Song
Choir (over 20) (16 - 19yrs)

12.30 pm
C6 Secondary School Choir (lower)
B6 Girls Vocal Duet (13 - 15 yrs)
B2 Boys Vocal Duet (13 - 15yrs)

7 pm
A 15 Operatic Aria Gents
A14 Operatic Aria Ladies
D11 Improvisation on Steelpan
A10 Contemporary Religious Solo (Gents)
B9 Operatic
Ensemble C15 Parang
Mon. Feb. 26th9 am
A9 Contemporary Religious Solo (16 - 19 yrs)
C10 Secondary Folk Song Choir (15 yr & under) (over 20)

12.30 pm
C3 Primary/Secondary School Girls Choir (15 yrs & under)
C13 Junior Parang Ensemble (19 yrs & under)
D6 Acoustic Guitar Solo (15 yrs & under)
D7 Acoustic Guitar Solo (16 - 19 yrs)
D12 Woodwind Solo (16 - 19 yrs)

7 pm
A1 Soprano Solo
D1 Piano Solo
D5 String Solo
C12 Folk Song Choir (over 20)
A6 Bass Solo
C11 Folk Song Choir (20 & under)
Tue. Feb. 27th12.30 pm
E7 Junior Instr. Ensemble (19 yrs & under)
C1 Primary School Choir (15 yrs & under)
D4 String Solo (15 yrs & under)
C7 Primary School Folk Song
Choir (20 singers and under)
D14 Brass Solo (19 yrs & under)
D13 Brass Solo (15 yrs & under)

7 pm
D4 Piano Recital
E5 Steelpan Ensemble
E3 Chamber Music Duet or Trio
A16 Musical Theatre Solo Ladies
Wed. Feb. 28th9 am
A2 Boys’ Vocal Solo (11 -12 yrs)
A5 Girls’ Vocal Solo (8 -10 yrs)
A10 Folk Song Solo (19 yrs and under)

7 pm
D8 Woodwind Solo
A8 Oratorio Solo Gents
D6 Acoustic Guitar Solo
A7 Oratorio Solo Ladies
A13 Veterans Solo
B4 Operatic Duet
A11 Negro Spirituals
Thu. Feb. 1st9 am
A4 Boys’ Vocal Solo (16 -19 yrs)
A8 Girls’ Vocal Solo (16 -19 yrs)
C8 Primary School Folk Song Choirs (over 20 singers)

12.30 pm
C2 Primary/Secondary School Choir (boys 15yrs and under)
E11 Tassa Drumming (19 yrs and under)
D3 Piano Solo (16 - 19 yrs)
D17 Steel Pan Solo (16 - 19 yrs)
Fri. Mar. 2ndh9 am
B1 Boys Treble Duet (12 yrs & under)
C15 Junior Choirs (upper voices) (19 yrs & under)
D2 Piano Solo (13 - 15 yrs)
C9 Secondary Folk Song
Choir (under 20) (15 yrs & under)

12.30 pm
C11 Sec. School Folk Song Choir (20 & under) (16 - 19 yrs)
B5 Girls Vocal Duet (12 years and under)
D1 Piano Solo (12 yr & under)

7 pm
B2 Mixed Vocal Duets
B3 Gents Vocal Duets
A19 Folk Song Solo Gents
A18 Folk Song Solo Ladies
B5 Ladies Vocal Trio
Mon. Mon. 5th1 pm
C16 Junior Choir Mixed Voices (19 yrs & under)
D15 Steel Pan Solo (12 yrs & under)
D9 Recorder Solo (13 - 14 yrs)

8 pm
C13 Calypso Chorale (without choreography)
A4 Tenor Solo B6 Ladies Quartet
A5 Baritone
C14 Calypso Chorale (with Choreog)
A9 Contemporary Religious Solo Ladies
Tue. Mar. 6th9 am
A1 Boys Vocal Solo (8 - 10yrs)
A6 Girls Vocal Solo (11 - 12 yrs)
C17 Junior Choir (Lower Voices)

8 pm
C2 Mixed Choir A3 Contralto Solo
  • The festival consists of regional preliminaries held in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Scarborough (Tobago) and national championships in Port of Spain and San Fernando.
  • Adjudication of the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals will take place in the three regions: North, South and Tobago – between February 19 and March 10.
  • The national championships will take place from March 12-17, and the grand finale for the junior classes will take place on March 16, with the gala closing ceremony scheduled for March 17.
  • For more information visit: http://www.ttmusicfestival.org.

  • If you know any important dates in history, events or festivals that are not listed........
    please email me the information. Thanks for your input!

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