Special Events Calendar

Prime Minister Best Village 2017
Apr. to Jun.Best Village schedule.

WeBeat 2017
Sun. Jun. 4thWeTreat
Tue. Jun. 6thHealth Day and Film Night
Wed. Jun. 7thJazzBeat
Thu. Jun. 8thPan Explosion
Fri. Jun. 9thVintage Kaiso
Sat. Jun. 10thSteelband & Traditional Mas Parade
Sun. Jun. 11thBoat Cruise
  • Most events at the St James Amphitheatre, Western Main Road, St James.

  • TnT Football Final Round Qualifiers
    Tue. Nov. 11th, 2016T&T vs Costa Rica, Port of Spain
    TT 0 - CR 2
    Sat. Nov. 15th, 2016Honduras vs T&T, San Pedro Sula
    H 3 - TT 1
    Fri. Mar. 24th, 2017T&T vs Panama, Port of Spain
    TT 1 - Pan 0
    Tue. Mar. 28th, 2017T&T vs Mexico, Port of Spain
    TT 0 - Mex 1
    Fri. Jun. 9th, 2017USA vs T&T, (TBD)
    Mon. Jun. 12th, 2017Costa Rica vs T&T, San Jose
    Fri. Sep. 1st, 2017T&T vs Honduras, Port of Spain
    Tue. Sep. 5th, 2017Panama vs. T&T, Panama City
    Fri. Oct. 6th, 2017Mexico vs T&T, Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
    Tue. Oct. 10th, 2017T&T vs USA, Port of Spain
  • For more information visit northernregion@pantrinbago.co.tt.

  • If you know any important dates in history, events or festivals that are not listed........
    please email me the information. Thanks for your input!

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