Trinbago Brain Buster

#1: What year did the British renamed Puerto de España (from the Spanish) to Port of Spain?

#2: Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort is consider the sister property to what Tobago Resort?

#3: The term 'leepay' is the mixture of water and what to spread on surfaces such as walls and floors in place of cement.

#4: What 3 calypsonians was known as the Kiskedee Trio?

#5: La Retraite is that part of what village which is referred to as 'over the spring bridge'?

#6: Where is Sir Solomon Hochoy Park located?

#7: Who was the very first winner of the Mastana Bahar Talent Show competition?

#8: What place has been named Caribbean Nature Park of the Year in the Caribbean Journal's Green Caribbean Awards 2019?

#9: What year was the first carnival competition at Queen’s Park Savannah?

#10: What female artist is known as 'Rani (Queen) of Chutney'?

#11 What island in the Bocas (Down de Islands/DDI) was originally named El Caracol (the Snail) by Christopher Columbus because of its shape?

#12 Sangre Grande is a Spanish term that translates into what English meaning?

#13 Starfish Tobago is the new hotel name to what former Tobago hotel?

#14 What year did the Tobago Heritage Festival begin?

#15 The Scarlet Ibis and what other ship were commissioned into service in the 1960's for the sea-bridge between Port of Spain and Scarborough?

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