Trinbago Brain Buster

#1: In 2017, what kiddies carnival mas designer was honoured for their work and will have their namesake attached to the big bands for the Red Cross Children’s Carnival Trophy?

#2: Roughly how many years has goat racing been in existence in Tobago?

#3: Godineau River is better known as what river?

#4: Hickling Village Recreation Ground in Siparia has been renamed to what? (hint. sports icon)

#5: In 2017, what frontline singer is the first Chutney Soca Ambassador spokesperson for Orchard Drinks?

#6: What folk performer group was established in 1979?

#7: What international airline dedicated one of their Boeing 737 jet in honour of Dr. McCartha Linda Sandy-Lewis which will now be known as the 'Calypso Rose, Queen of the World'?

#8: What parang group began in 1982 as an obscure group called 'Yuletide Carolers'?

#9: What daily newspaper in circulation is the only one to cover our country’s independence in 1962?

#10: Who is the first Calypsonian to break the Kitchener & Sparrow era of winning road march every year?

#11 What year was the lighthouse (St. Vincent Jetty Lighthouse) on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain built?

#12 On November 5, 2017, Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) celebrated what anniversary of its existence?

#13 What is the largest island between Trinidad and Venezuela?

#14 What local Tobago family-run restaurant is built around a sea almond tree?

#15 What flower is known as 'wild poinsettia' or 'pride of Trinidad & Tobago'?

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