Trinbago Brain Buster

#1: Coral Garden, a small patch of reefs is located in what lagoon?

#2: In 1974, Peter Minshall design a costume for his adopted sister Sherry-Ann Guy, what was the name of the costume he designed?

#3: What is the name of the new private sector-led ferry company launched in Barbados that will be servicing Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean Islands which include Barbados, St Vincent, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, Suriname, and Guyana in the transportation of passengers, cargo, manufactured goods and produce?

#4: The former Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister, Basdeo Panday was born in what village?

#5: Wanderlust Travel Magazine is one of the UK’s leading independent travel magazines, awarded the Silver Medal to Tobago as to what type of island at the World Travel Market 2022 (November) held in London, England?

#6: What female parang diva is the lead singer and composer of the band’s original parang music for Los Tocadores?

#7: What calypsonian invested his own money in the preservation of the kaiso art form when he secured a broadcast license and started the first-ever all-calypso radio station?

#8: What year did horse racing at the Union Park Turf Club in Marabella end?

#9: What brand of Trinidad & Tobago rum was voted the Best in the World for 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)?

#10: What Ontario city is the “Twin City” of Port of Spain?

#11 Capil Gayadeen and his two brothers (Rishi & Donny Gayadeen) formed his own band called the Gayatones in what year?

#12 In November 2023, residents of Old Ground Branch Trace, Golden Lane renamed the street in honour of the First Chief Secretary of Tobago, Hochoy Charles. What is street called?

#13 What year was 'Assembly Day' (Tobago) replaced to 'Tobago Day'?

#14 Rikki Jai opened the ``Sheriff Street Restaurant and Performance Space in what North American City?

#15 Safia Hosein has become the first Trinbagonian woman to reach the summit of what mountain on December 25th, 2023?

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