A Trini Love Poem

How Do I Love dee... ? Let me check the ways .... You are the aloo in my pie De channa in my doubles I love you and love you dearly! You are the saltfish in my buljol

You are the coconut in my sweetbread Yuh is De golden ray in my life! Just like piece of curry goat head I will love you till I dead You are the oil in my choka

De dumplings in my soup I love you more than play whe Yes, I love you bad fah true! Like a roti and a red solo We are meant for each other

I'll be always close to you Sweet like de sugar in your tea ... I'll do anything for you! You are the sauce in my stew And Hot like fresh hops

In my arms I love to hold you Just like a glass a rum I will stick to you like evo-stick And like gossip and badmind I'll be everywhere you go Cause you are my puhlorie And I know I am your chutney

When you call I will come running Like a thief on the Beetham Oh my peppersacue! Yuh Sweet like sawine!

When my hands caress your body You feel just like a loya of flour You are sweeter than a snowcone I will give you all I own

You are sweeter than a barfi And soft like piece'o'pone No one can take me from you Not in this life or death Cuz My TRINI gul/bai I love you More than Panday love the IMF!

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