True Trini Test ... ver.2

True Trini Test:

You refer to all powdered cleaning agents as Vim.
You know the meaning of the word "obzokie".
You can distinguish between "green-tea" and regular tea.
You don't ask.., you AX.
You hang a rosary on your car rearview mirror even if you're not Catholic.
You put ketchup and/or pepper sauce on your pizza.
You wash and re-use plastic and styrofoam cups... to go with the plastic take-out spoons and forks cutlery set in the draw.
Your roof is made of galvanize.
Your father has a cutlass under his bed, or you have one under your car seat.
The word "storm" to you is used as a verb and has nothing to do with the weather.
You adore Miss Universe '98.
You know that blue soap makes white clothes whiter.
You have at least one relative living in England, Canada or the US.
You have walked into a bank, supermarket or some place of business barefoot at least once.
You have cancelled plans because of rain even when it's going to be indoors. Rain is also a legitimate reason to miss work at home.
A rubber is an eraser.
You are able to recite at least one (or several) line from Sesame Street.
You hum "Drink Ah Rum and Ah Ponche-Crema" in November.
You have been to several parties where you have seen the sun rise.
You know someone with a gold tooth or several.
You have eaten pelau out of the back of a pick-up.
You think doubles is the breakfast of champions.
You have found yourself at KFC Independence Square at 3 a.m..
You can sing along to the song "All Virgin Put Up Unna Hand".
You had your first taste of rum from mummy's glass when you were four.
You have hiked to a waterfall with nothing but a bag of hops, a block of rat-cheese, pepper, salt, a boiled egg and a tomato.
You know at least one person with their name on either their belt buckle, earring or their chain pendant.
On at least one occasion you have been told that you have a cold in some part of your anatomy other than your head or chest.
You know that the word "saddest" does not refer to an emotion.
You know the meaning of dhal, channa, anchar, kurma and buss-up-shot.
You've called someone (or been called) chunkalunks, thick ting, family (even if she's not remotely related to you!) , doo-doo, dahlin', reds, breds, horse or partner.
You know what a maxi-taxi is.
You can call your fellow country man by an ethnic name fondly and it would be okay. For example, darkie, reds, dougs, chinee-man, creole, red-man, whito-boy, beti...
You doh like chain-up talk, ole talk, tiefhead or mamaguy.
You have gone to a club at 10.30 to get in for free, even though the fete doesn't really start until midnight.
You get offended when foreigners think Caribana is the original Carnival.
You know what a watchie-kong is.
You have taken the boat to Tobago with nothing but a small backpack, a bottle of rum and a pack of cards.
You love Ato Boldon.
You drive with bright lights at night even when there are streetlights, and if the car coming on the opposite side dims his lights you play you didn't notice.
You don't drive like they do in America or England: neither the right nor the left... Stick to the middle.
You have driven past a police car and shouted the word "Babylon"!
You have shouted the phrase "Yuh mudder..." at someone at least once.
Someone, somewhere, has a picture of you on top of a wall on Carnival Monday.
You can hold a stoups for more than six seconds.
You can pour a rum and Coca-Cola while on a moving speed boat.
You were "false-ripe" when you were a pre-teen.
You have coloured a picture of Mother Lakshmi in primary school regardless of your ethnic Origin.
Your first dog was a pothound.
A 2-litre bottle of Coca-Cola or any other sweet drink is a "jalitre".
You go to the cinema and shout "poy poy!" during an action scene
You know how to do the "rappa dappa" and the "Iwer, Butterfly, Shadow, Wave".
Your fingers get "quaily-quaily' when you've been in the tub/sea/pool for too long.
You remember when the word "sick" was popular.


You have three empty rum bottles on a shelf which you refuse to throw away.
You travelled with bottles of chadon-beni to season your food.
All your tapes are of old dub, new dub, old calypsoes, new calypsoes and soca.
You will talk to a complete stranger if they have a Trini accent.
You have pictures of home (Carnival, house limes, beach, down the islands) all over your room.
When you found a good roti shop you almost had an orgasm when you took the first bite.

courtesy of Francie Ammon

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